Christmas Pageant

[singlepic id=7 w=225 h=300 mode=web20|watermark float=right]Last night we took all the girls (except the oldest, she was working) to our youngest’s Christmas Pageant. It was wonderful and painful all at the same time. Our daughter performed wonderfully, and we got some nice video, except for at the end when all of the other parents lost control of their kids and let them roam through the aisles so they could see.

What is with that? I kept MY girls in line, even though they were complaining that they couldn’t see either.

Then, of course, the video camera we were using ran out of room on the card (because I still need to teach Mee Mee how to get them off there) right before the song that we really wanted to capture. We still got it using our still camera to take video, but it was dark and hard to see. And while I was taking that, I was switching out the card on the video camera.

Again, of course, the card wasn’t formatted for that particular camera, and I had to format it all the while still trying to capture video of the performance (because I live with 5 girls and they don’t know how).

Went and had cookies and punch afterwards. All in all a good time.

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