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January 2013

Brew #2 Results: Brown Ale

I was updating a bunch of other posts, and realized I hadn’t taken pictures of or posted my results from batch #2!

So here it is, the “Caribou Slobber Brown Ale”:

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a clone of Big Sky’s Moose Drool, which is kind of like Newcastle?

A very tasty brew, that’s for sure. So tasty, in fact, that I only have one left. (I’m saving that one to share with my oldest younger brother).

I’m really digging the stuff from Northern Brewer. So far, everything I’ve had from there has been great. This kit, if you’re interested, is one of their staples and is available in an extract kit, and in an all grain kit. (if you browse to the “Additional Information” tab of each of those pages, you can get the recipe and instructions as well.)


Brew #5: more Dry Irish Stout

Here’s the second batch of Dry Irish Stout that I’m brewing. This batch threw me for a loop, because I ordered it myself, and to save a little money, ordered the “mini-mash” version, instead of the all extract. Now luckily, I was (semi) prepared for a mini-mash, and I think it went well. So well that I’ll be ordering kits like that again.

It was a beautiful day for brewing! I was drinking my Cream Ale while I was brewing.

Looking forward to the next batch

Brew #4: Dry Irish Stout (Guinness) – Brew Years Day!

This time, I get to use my Christmas present: an outdoor camp stove! I went and got a new separate propane bottle and got set up in the garage.

Had only a few issues;

  • I wasn’t familiar with the regulator, so I had the thing blasting (as Emeril says, “use your knobs!”)
  • The severe heat caused a boil over; sticky all over the place
  • I scorched the wort enough so that big sheets of black film were floating in it

I’m still SUPER happy with the new set up. I even hooked up the spare TV and was watching bowl games while I was doing it.

This one’s going to age for awhile once I get it in the bottles. I’ve got two batches of Dry Irish Stout to brew, so I intend to have 4 cases ready for St. Patrick’s Day this year!