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Pity inducing.

So we got a dog…

Is it a manly dog? Man’s best friend?

You decide…


A tiny ball of fur. So cute, how could you not love her? (yes, her; there is ANOTHER woman in my house!)

But manly? nope.

4:30am… bad dream…

We still use a baby monitor for our littlest one, and at about 4:30 this morning, I heard her crying. 4:30. Really?


My wife still can’t pick her up due to a surgery about a month ago (2 more days, 2… more… days!) and I’ve got to be the one to get up with her incase she needs to get out of the crib. So I drag my feet down the hall, and find our oldest one already has her out of the crib and headed to her own room. Nice. Love having a teenager in the house! She had worked late, then went out Christmas shopping, then wrapped all the presents she bought, so she was still up at 4:30. (Got to get her on a better schedule)

But the littlest one was scared, and disoriented so late at night, so I had to get her and take her back to the crib. Then rub her back. for a looooong time.

And people wonder why I’m so tired.