Neighbors, kids, my wife, and the electronic age.

I love our neighbors. They are great, all of them. I love their kids. So when the wife invited them over for an after Christmas “play date”, I had no complaints. And then she left me alone with them to go out shopping.

Luckily, I did not have to work today.

Things were mostly good, but as the day progressed, the younger ones kept “bugging” the older ones, and the older ones kept complaining. It was like a day long, never-ending game of “She’s touching me!” “I’m not touching you” “She’s touching me!”. And then there’s the two year old, who wants to be a part of everything.

So I separated them. I told the older ones, “If you don’t want them bugging you, go up in your room”.
After awhile, the little ones were knocking on the older one’s door. Bugging them.

So I separated them… again.

A little later, the older one came to me and said, “Dad, they won’t stop texting us”. Really? Really!?!
The technological age is great, and I love it, but now I have to stop electronic versions of “She’s touching me!” “I’m not touching you” “She’s touching me!”??? REALLY?!?

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