Brew #1 Results: Saison de Noel Belgian Farmhouse Ale

And here it is: the result of my first real home-brewed beer. It had only been in the bottle for one week at this point, so technically it wasn’t ready, but I was extremely anxious to try it out. It is unbelievably delicious. Tastes very much like Sam Adams Christmas Ale.

I didn’t have any measuring equipment yet when I originally brewed this, so I don’t know the *exact* ABV percentage, but it has to be up there a bit (8-10%), because I got HAMMERED off of 6 of them.

Looking forward to more of them after they age a little more. This is the one I’m taking to the family holiday parties, so I’m really excited.

If you are interested in making this, kits are available from Northern Brewer in two forms; the extract kit and the all-grain kit.

Northern Brewer is also really great in that they make the recipes for their kits available. Since the links above are to limited edition kits, here are the recipes and instructions for each:



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