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The dead zone…

The holidays are over! Now we enter the “dead zone” Only birthdays until the next major holiday; St. Patrick’s day.

No ladies, Valentines day doesn’t count. A holiday so the candy companies have SOME income between Christmas and Easter? A holiday to sell flowers, negligees, jewelry and cards? A holiday with the initials VD?

Got VD?

As men, we have to VD. We have to prove to the women we love, on one day a year, that we love them. But why don’t the things we do on a daily basis, or even on other major holidays count?

Because of the dead zone.


So we had the neighbor girls (yes, more girls) over for a sleepover last night. We had to have both of them, because the youngest was complaining. I suggested a “kid trade”; bring one of theirs, send one of ours, but only wife kept arguing that it would be OK. I kept reminding her of what happened the other day when they were all together, and their dad even brought us a bottle of wine when he brought them over saying, “You’re going to need this.” (Yes, I love my neighbors!) But we didn’t drink it and only wife kept arguing that it would be OK.

Then she fell asleep at 10:30.

I was up with them stopping arguments, telling them to turn it down, separating them, re-uniting them, etc etc etc until 2:00 am. All while only wife slept peacefully.

It’s all about the kids, and they had a good time.

It’s all about the kids, and they had a good time.

It’s all about the kids, and they had a good time.

It’s all about the kids, and they had a good time.

It’s all about the kids, and they had a good time.

No beer and no TV make Homer something, something…

Neighbors, kids, my wife, and the electronic age.

I love our neighbors. They are great, all of them. I love their kids. So when the wife invited them over for an after Christmas “play date”, I had no complaints. And then she left me alone with them to go out shopping.

Luckily, I did not have to work today.

Things were mostly good, but as the day progressed, the younger ones kept “bugging” the older ones, and the older ones kept complaining. It was like a day long, never-ending game of “She’s touching me!” “I’m not touching you” “She’s touching me!”. And then there’s the two year old, who wants to be a part of everything.

So I separated them. I told the older ones, “If you don’t want them bugging you, go up in your room”.
After awhile, the little ones were knocking on the older one’s door. Bugging them.

So I separated them… again.

A little later, the older one came to me and said, “Dad, they won’t stop texting us”. Really? Really!?!
The technological age is great, and I love it, but now I have to stop electronic versions of “She’s touching me!” “I’m not touching you” “She’s touching me!”??? REALLY?!?

Nail polish

The little one just got in trouble. She got into the cabinets in our “library” (living room) where we keep some of the kid’s games and craft activities. One of those activities is a “spa day”, complete with nail polish.

Yep, nail polish.

Not only did she get it on the carpet (thank goodness it’s WHITE), but she also got it on her lips… Two days before Christmas!

I was like, “you’re not supposed to eat it!”

Christmas Pageant

[singlepic id=7 w=225 h=300 mode=web20|watermark float=right]Last night we took all the girls (except the oldest, she was working) to our youngest’s Christmas Pageant. It was wonderful and painful all at the same time. Our daughter performed wonderfully, and we got some nice video, except for at the end when all of the other parents lost control of their kids and let them roam through the aisles so they could see.

What is with that? I kept MY girls in line, even though they were complaining that they couldn’t see either.

Then, of course, the video camera we were using ran out of room on the card (because I still need to teach Mee Mee how to get them off there) right before the song that we really wanted to capture. We still got it using our still camera to take video, but it was dark and hard to see. And while I was taking that, I was switching out the card on the video camera.

Again, of course, the card wasn’t formatted for that particular camera, and I had to format it all the while still trying to capture video of the performance (because I live with 5 girls and they don’t know how).

Went and had cookies and punch afterwards. All in all a good time.

[singlepic id=8 w=225 h=300 mode=web20|watermark float=center]

Really? I mean, REALLY?!?

The wife and I are taking some time to do some Christmas chores, and it involves us looking at some family photos. We set the kids up in the other room with every single Barbie and accessory in the house, hoping that they would play together nicely and not bother us so that we could finish what we were doing.

Even with all of that, they CANNOT LEAVE US ALONE!


You would think that we never pay attention to them or something.

4:30am… bad dream…

We still use a baby monitor for our littlest one, and at about 4:30 this morning, I heard her crying. 4:30. Really?


My wife still can’t pick her up due to a surgery about a month ago (2 more days, 2… more… days!) and I’ve got to be the one to get up with her incase she needs to get out of the crib. So I drag my feet down the hall, and find our oldest one already has her out of the crib and headed to her own room. Nice. Love having a teenager in the house! She had worked late, then went out Christmas shopping, then wrapped all the presents she bought, so she was still up at 4:30. (Got to get her on a better schedule)

But the littlest one was scared, and disoriented so late at night, so I had to get her and take her back to the crib. Then rub her back. for a looooong time.

And people wonder why I’m so tired.

So… we have snakes. LOTS of them…

A few weeks ago, while I was at the park with the kids, my wife was putting some stuff away in our basement storage room. When I got home, she pulled me aside and said, “I think there is a snakeskin in our storage room”.

I didn’t believe her, and thought she might have mistaken a loose piece of insulation or something for a snakeskin.

She was right. It was a snakeskin.

It was hanging down the back cinderblock wall from the rafters. So we had to figure out what to do about it. The next day, we called a guy that was recommended by somebody my wife’s mother used to work for. (there will be a test later, so pay attention). ­čÖé He came and dug a 5 foot snakeskin out of the rafters in our basement storage room, and then… dug another 4 foot snakeskin out of our rafters. Yep. Two snakeskins. In our house. That means the snakes are in our house at least long enough to shed their skin.


He checks the rafters, and outside the house, doesn’t find a live snake, and says he thinks they might be getting in through the hole for the air conditioner pipe, and recommends that I seal it up during the day (the snakes like to go out in the heat). I asked him if they might be coming inside to find food (mice), and he said it ‘s possible, but they are probably only coming inside to shed that skin. I asked him if they might be “nesting” in the house; making babies. He said it ‘s possible, but they are probably only coming inside to shed that skin. I ask him if they could be on top of the ceiling tiles in my office, which adjoins the storage room, and is relatively open to the rafters. He says, “Oh, sure!” Great.

So we pay the guy, even though there is nothing he can really do, and he brings us back a “snake trap” (which is a triangular cardboard box with some glue inside), and says it might take a week to ten days to catch a snake.


So I seal up the hole, and go down into my office later that day, and realize I had left my coffee in there. I brought it up to the kitchen to dump it out, and out came a dead mouse. He had drowned in my coffee.


Then about a week later, after checking the trap twice daily, I found a new snakeskin (yeah, a NEW one) hanging in the same place as the first one. Really? Really!

So the trap isn’t working, the snake(s) is still here, and the family is freaking out.

So I had to do some investigating. I found that the joists of the floor above the basement stick out for the bay window in our kitchen, and are ┬ánot sealed properly on the bottom, so that’s where the critters are getting in. I need to seal it up. I also need to take down all of the ceiling tiles in my office. I started doing that a week ago, and came across two dead mice. I’m sure I will come across more, but I need to move my desk and other furniture to get to them all.

What a pain.

Then, I was out cleaning the pool yesterday, jumped down next to the pool and what do I see? A baby snake. Yep. There are babies.

Great. Really? Really!

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